Talk on Batoi Cloud Platform at XIM, Bhubaneswar

Batoi’s CEO and Founder Director Mr Ashwini Rath spoke on the latest advances in Cloud technologies with detailed discussion on Batoi Cloud Platform (BCP) during a guest lecture delivered at XIM, Bhubaneswar on July 31, 2018.

The basic technologies for Data and Workflow Management applied on the Batoi Cloud Platform, with Internet of Things (IoT) support and Artificial Intelligence Microservices, that include Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing were explained.

As organizations focus on delivering innovation fast, they want a secure set of comprehensive, integrated cloud services to build new applications and run their enterprise workflows. For this, Batoi has instituted numerous security measures to ensure that the data is safe and backed up. All cloud services from Batoi are on SSL. The data stays in Type IV data centers only. In addition, the Batoi Cloud Platform also has the facility for on-demand encryption of data in storage and for GDPR compliance.

Batoi’s four-fold approach to cloud solution implementation for enterprises (workflow management, relationship management, web/e-commerce management and knowledge management) was also discussed.


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