NASSCOM Hosts a Conference Titled ‘Cloud for Business Growth’ in Association with Batoi


Nasscom in association with Batoi hosted a conference titled “Cloud for Business Growth” in Bhubaneswar on Mar 04, 2016.

Cloud Computing has been a buzz in recent times. While technologists promote for its adoption in business domains, the process is taking more time than required as business owners and managers worry about the learning curve, availability of skilled resources, unregulated costs and security of their business data.

The conference was hosted with an objective to discuss the challenges, different solutions and best practices about cloud implementation and its usage.

The event offered a series of talks and panel discussions in different aspects of cloud-powered business. The panelists at the conference included senior professionals from the industry including Microsoft, GlobalSign, academic researchers and senior officials from the Government.

During the event, businesses who had implemented, or were contemplating the implementation or expansion of new cloud-based solutions got an opportunity to have access to first-hand information directly from the industry experts and gain insights into various cloud solutions for specific business functions. The attendees also had their specific questions and concerns addressed.

Other conference highlights included a freebie contest and a social media contest along with special offers from Batoi, Microsoft and GlobalSign.


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