Cloud Computing Talk by C.V. Raman College of Engineering and Computer Society of India


With the recent trends in techno-economic development, IT vendors have started offering almost everything as off-the-shelf application for quick consumption. Also, business demands in enterprises and changed lifestyle of individual consumers of IT have given rise to a shift in the way of using software applications and computing resources. In this talk, the changing scenario along with transformations in the areas of IT implementation and usages was discussed.

The “Cloud Computing” is a natural evolution of distributed computing. In this type of computing the end user is required to have a computer and internet connection to use his cloud service. Here IT related capabilities and resources are provided as services. We can compare this technology with consumption of electricity. Electricity is available on the grid and an user pays electricity bill as per his own consumption. In the same way a Cloud Service User pays as per his usage.

Cloud Computing Service provides services like computation, software applications, data access, data management and storage resources. Here the user of this service doesn’t have to worry about the purchase and maintenance of computer hardware, software. Another advantage is the scalable infrastructure to meet fluctuating and unpredictable business requirement. The user can be allocated additional resources on demand. The user has to pay for these additional resources as long as he needs these resources.

This type of computing solution reduces the IT bill of the company and the headache of maintaining the system. In other words companies get more time to concentrate on their business and not on IT support services.

Experts from Academic institutes, Product industries, IT service consultancy and Service providers are attending and giving lectures on different aspects of Cloud Computing. The Chief Guest Dr. Patnaik, Honorary professor from IISC, Bangalore spoke on Distributed Computing System which is the foundation of Cloud Computing, Mr. Sushant Panda MD Syum Technology, Mumbai spoke on how students need to prepare themselves for these types of new technology adaption. Mr. Sanjib Rout, Chairman C.V. Raman Group of Institutions, Prof Dr. K.C. Patra, Principal, Mr. Sanjay Mohapatra, Regional Vice President Computer Society of India and Prof Dr. R Mishra, C.V. Raman College of Engineering and Convener of the conference addressed the delegates.

Senior Technical Executives from IBM, VMWare, and Microsoft spoke on Cloud Computing concepts, Products and Tools for Realizing the Cloud infrastructure using the concept of Virtualization and Clustering, Azure Cloud Platform, Security and Monitoring tools of Cloud Environment.

Cloud Implementation Experts like Mahindra Satyam, Infosys, Batoi, TCS discussed on real life cases about cloud prioritization models for benefit maximization, content management on cloud, the IT impact, Sensor web and device clouds and Mobile Applications of Cloud Technology. Further, Mr. Ashwini Rath, CEO, Batoi provided a brief introduction on the cloud computing platform, Batoi.

A tutorial on Amazon Enterprise Cloud Enterprise Cloud Services (EC2) and the Google Apps Engine (GAE) was discussed by corporate training experts from and VTech by demonstrating case studies and showing their actual use of EC2 and GAE.

On third and final day of the conference a group of IIT Mumbai people discussed on the use of Python programming language for developing high performance applications on Parallel and Distributed Environment. A few of the delegates also presented their research papers on the field of cloud computing.


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